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33 000 km | 2 continents | 35 countries

Polish traces is an extraordinary journey of Krzysztof Puternicki from the northernmost of Europe – Nordkapp – up to the tip of South Africa-Cape Agulhas.

About the journey


Polish traces is an extraordinary expedition through two continents, during which Krzysiek Puternicki visits unusual people and distant, non-obvious places connected with Poland. Tens of thousands of kilometers and the same amount of camera shutter release will be presented in a special relationship documenting this unique journey, places, traditions and people met along the way. You can follow the preparation and course of your expedition on Facebook and Instagram.

Krzysiek Puternicki
krajobraz afryki

Passion have made his travels turn into a business. For several years he has been pursuing adventurous trips incentive for people looking for spiritual impressions. As a guide, he has already travelled more than 40 000 km, mainly in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi – the most beautiful places in Africa.

Krzysiek wsrod ludzi

He was born in Gdansk, where he lives and it is there that leads the restaurant, thanks to which it is closer to people and their strories. Anyone who encounters him in this place can count not only on the best food in the area, but also for an unusual conversation about travel, passion for

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu d-max
Krzysiek w Isuzu

WHis demanding expedition will be carried by specially adapted to the variable geographical conditions vehicle - Isuzu D-Max.

Krzysiek pod Isuzu

In addition to the standard equipment, the car has been upgraded with a high load lift, an additional chassis cover, a snorkel allowing for deep submersion in water, a heavy duty doorsteps, a corrugated outer guards and wheels on steel rims with an AT type tires. In the following months, the car will be upgraded with additional electrical installation, refrigerator, fuel canisters, roof racks and tent.


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Road to Tromso
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Baltic States
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